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Low Vitamin D in Mothers Tied to Cavities in Babies
New York Times (blog)
Low levels of vitamin D in pregnancy are associated with the development of cavities in babies, researchers report. The scientists studied 134 expectant mothers, average age 19. Each provided information on health behavior and socioeconomic status and ...
Low Vitamin D Levels in Mothers Linked to Cavities Risk for ChildrenCounsel & Heal

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New York Times (blog)

10000 'Olympic Babies' Strain the Beijing System
New York Times (blog)
Being an “Olympic Baby” is perhaps less than lucky for the children than the parents had hoped, with the crush suggesting strained resources due to increased competition among peers that may dog them through their lives — in education, job hunting and ...
2. Beijing's Schools Overwhelmed By Their "Olympic Babies"Worldcrunch

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Energy Plant in Oregon Burning Aborted Babies From Canada to Generate ...
When we do not respect the unborn babies' right to life, what is stopping us from using their bodies for our own gain, whether that be burning them for electricity or destroying them for embryonic stem cell research? The next question is: are Oregon's ...
Horrifying: Bodies of Aborted Babies Burned to Power Homes in OregonTown Hall
Blame Obama and environmentalists for burning babies for electricityCanada Free Press
Oregon energy plant burns aborted babies to generate electricity for the -Live Action News -Lifesite
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New York Daily News

Utah mom accused of killing 6 babies given attorney
Salt Lake Tribune
Provo • Criminal charges against a woman accused of killing six of her babies likely won't be filed until her court appearance next week. Megan Huntsman's estranged husband found the body of a dead infant in their Pleasant Grove garage on April 12 ...
Utah woman accused in 6 babies' deaths appears in courtFox News
Woman accused in of killing six of her babies and storing their bodies in her ...Colorado Springs Gazette
Utah mom accused of killing six newborns looks disheveled during court ...New York Daily News
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Woman Who Killed Her Seven Babies and Packed Them in Boxes Appears in ...
Police believe Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to the babies then killed them over the past decade and they arrested her on Saturday after the grisly discovery. They found the babies following a call from Huntsman's ex-husband about a dead infant found ...
Megan Huntsman in court: Admits killing 6 of 7 dead babies found, motive
Utah Mother Accused of Murdering 6 BabiesDemocracy Now
Police find seven dead babies in Utah woman's -KUTV 2News
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WDIV Detroit

Designed to monitor babies but could put them in danger
There's a recall underway tonight that could pose a risk to you or your baby. This is a picture of the summer infant baby monitor. The U.S. consumer product safety commission says 800,000 of these devices are under recall. The rechargeable battery on ...
Summer Infant baby monitors recalledFirst Coast News
Batteries in baby video monitors recalledOnline Athens

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Fast, cheap test can help save lives of many babies
Chicago Daily Herald
But when the baby, Veronica, was about 6 weeks old she started having difficulty nursing, seemed to be in pain and began vomiting. Her pediatrician thought it might be reflux and suggested that Easley, a physician from Bethesda, Md., who works for the ...

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The Surprising Reason Babies Cry at Night
A new study speculates on an interesting reason babies cry at night—it could be because they're trying to prevent Mom from procreating and giving birth to a sibling. Sneaky! The research, published in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health ...
The Baby who Demands to Be Breastfed may be Trying to Prevent Future SiblingsScience World Report

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Away from the light: Students design blanket to help jaundiced babies
However, three Michigan State University College of Engineering students have come up with something that may put those babies back in their mothers' arms: A prototype of a blanket-like device that wraps around the child and breaks down bilirubin ...

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Introducing babies to solid foods: What you need to know (blog)
For babies who are not breastfeeding, the ideal time to start is between 4 and 6 months. You'll know that your child is ready to eat solid foods if they can sit comfortably in a high chair without slouching over. Babies who are exclusively ...

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