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What’s Your Story?
Published by Dr. Kelley Pendleton on 2015-07-20 18:29:03
What’s Your Story? I’m honestly curious to know…what’s your story? Why did you enter private healthcare practice, and what challenges did you experience along the way? How did you overcome those challenges and get to where you are today? For some, those challenges may have led to frustration, anger, or even a career change.... Read More

Healthcare Practice Marketing for Introverts
Published by Dr. Kelley Pendleton on 2015-07-20 18:25:03
Healthcare Practice Marketing for Introverts. Many healthcare professionals are introverts, and that can make healthcare practice marketing and self-promotion challenging. But don’t despair! Here are some tips to help even the most introverted healthcare professional to market their private practice effectively.First, change your perspective ... Read More

Maintain or Regain Your Healthcare Practice?
Published by Dr. Kelley Pendleton on 2015-07-20 17:43:14
I had an interesting conversation with my fiancé, Michael, last week. We were talking about how for most people…if they change nothing about their nutrition, exercise, and emotional health habits…today is the healthiest they’ll ever be. For the majority of people who don’t eat well…don’t exercise&hellip... Read More

How To Make Money Starting Your on Business
Published by Teko Burl on 2015-07-16 12:57:51
It's utterly bizarre how some people spend their lifetimes slaving away at lame jobs they don't really enjoy. Now let's examine the downside of this. First of all, disliking your job position or career can really put a damper on your overall lifestyle. No one wants to dread heading to work each and every morning. Second of all, if you're going to h... Read More

Affiliate Software is the Key to Time Saving Advertising
Published by Teko Burl on 2015-07-14 12:45:57
Many product marketers have gone to affiliate marketing programs to increase the sales of merchandise.  An affiliate, also called an associate by some companies, is someone who earns a commission for sending clicks, leads or sales to the merchant.  It is an inexpensive way for companies to increase sales and pay less out of pocket for adv... Read More

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